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How to Add A Windows Partition to GRUB

A while ago, I installed Linux on my laptop along with Windows. I used GRUB instead of the Windows Boot Manager to switch between both installs. However, when Linux updates GRUB, it won’t detect the Windows partition and as a result, won’t add it to the GRUB boot menu list. So to fix this, we’ll need to install OS Prober.

To install the software, run the command below.

sudo apt-get install os-prober

After it installs, we’ll need to run the program so it can scan the drive for the Windows partition.

sudo os-prober

Next, we’ll need to add the Windows boot entry to GRUB. To do this, just run the command below.

sudo update-grub

And that’s it. When you restart, your Windows Partition should now show up in the list of boot options.

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