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How to Fix Unifi Talk Smart Attendant Delay

I recently set up a Unifi Dream Machine Pro and configured the VOIP phone application. When I set up the Smart Attendant, there would be a 15-20 second silent delay from when the phone number was called to when the Smart Attendant began talking.

After a couple of hours searching for a solution on Google, I came across a forum post by Ubiquiti staff saying to port forward a port range from a specific IP range. And after doing that, the delay was still there. Since Unifi Talk uses Twilio’s platform, I looked through their documentation and found their IP addresses as well as the ports their service used. So I added their IP addresses to the “Unifi Talk” alias pictured below and port forwarded those ports mentioned in their documentation. After I did that, the delay would sometimes disappear but it was never consistent. So I checked my firewall logs and saw that Twillio’s IP addresses were being blocked because they were using ports outside of the ones mentioned (10000 – 20000). So I expanded the port forward to use ports 10000 – 65535 and the delay in the smart attendant was gone!

Below is a list of changes you need to make to your firewall rules.


  1. Create an access list of Twillio IP addresses in your firewall
    • In pfSense, it’s called an Alias
  2. Port forward port 5060-5061 to your Dream Machine Pro
    • Protocol: TCP/UDP
  3. Port forward port 6767 to your Dream Machine Pro
    • Protocol: TCP/UDP
  4. Port forward port 10000 – 65535 to your Dream Machine Pro
    • Protocol: UDP
  5. Only allow the Twillio IP addresses to access those ports above

Twilio Alias

Twilio IP Addresses in pfSense network alias.

pfSense Port Forward

UniFi Talk NAT port forward in firewall rules in pfSense.

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