Linux Security

How to Change Wazuh Default Web Interface Port

While I was setting up Wazuh, I needed to change the default web interface port that the software ran on so I could set up a reverse proxy. To do this, I edited the following configuration file.

Security Windows Server

Install Lets Encrypt SSL Certificate on Windows Server iDRAC

Recently, I’ve been installing Lets Encrypt SSL certificates on all of the network devices on my network. This past week, I’ve been working with Dell iDRAC cards (a remote access card that allows you to manage servers remotely, even when they are powered off) in some of my servers. I got tired of clicking through the SSL warning whenever I would try to access one of my iDRAC cards, so I created a script to replace the self-signed certificate on the card.

CDN Linux Security Servers

How to Setup Lets Encrypt SSL on Ubuntu with CloudFlare

Updating SSL certificates is one of those repetitive and boring tasks that you have to do managing a web server. But, it’s also one of the most important when it comes to the security of your website. So lets automate it!


Encrypt pfSense w/ Let’s Encrypt

Ever wonder if someone is watching you while you configure pfSense? While setting up pfSense for the first time, the software will generate a self-signed SSL certificate and use that to secure the connection between the router and your web browser when making configuration changes. While this is better than no SSL at all, it is still not secure enough.