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How to Access a Active Directory Network Share on a Non-Domain Joined PC

Sometimes you need to access a network share that requires an active directory authentication, but, you’re on a PC that’s not part of the domain. Saving the script below as a .bat file and replacing the parts that say “Server” with the actual name or IP of your server will allow your PC to access any network share with active directory credentials. Mostly, this is useful when you only need temporary access to a share, but don’t want to go through the whole network share mounting process.

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Install Lets Encrypt SSL Certificate on Windows Server iDRAC

Recently, I’ve been installing Lets Encrypt SSL certificates on all of the network devices on my network. This past week, I’ve been working with Dell iDRAC cards (a remote access card that allows you to manage servers remotely, even when they are powered off) in some of my servers. I got tired of clicking through the SSL warning whenever I would try to access one of my iDRAC cards, so I created a script to replace the self-signed certificate on the card.